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Taxi Tour in West Route

16 Jun 2024
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Tour Guide: Ji Hee

Tour date: 16 June 2024 (Sunday) 

Ji Hee is exceptionally professional and attentive. She not only helps to meticulously plan our route to ensure we walk and climb less, but she also considers every detail to make our journey as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Her attention to detail and commitment to our comfort are evident in every aspect of her service.

Her car is incredibly spacious and comfortable; although there are only three of us, she provided a luxurious 7-seater car that made our trip all the more pleasant. The extra space allowed us to relax and enjoy the ride without feeling cramped, and the vehicle's comfort made even the longest drives enjoyable.

Furthermore, Ji Hee's fluency in Chinese is a significant asset. Her ability to communicate effectively in Chinese made interactions seamless and helped us feel more connected to the local culture. Her linguistic skills bridged any communication gaps, ensuring that we were always well-informed and understood.

Ji Hee goes above and beyond by offering to take pictures for us, capturing beautiful and candid moments that we can cherish forever. Her eye for photography and willingness to help preserve our memories added a personal touch to our trip. Additionally, her local knowledge is impressive; she recommended some fantastic sightseeing spots that we would have otherwise missed. Her suggestions were insightful and led us to discover hidden gems and unique experiences.

Ji Hee truly enhances the travel experience with her professionalism, care, and thoughtfulness. She not only ensures that every logistical detail is handled with precision but also adds a personal and caring touch that makes the journey memorable. Her dedication to providing exceptional service sets her apart, and we are incredibly grateful for her efforts in making our trip so special.


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FAX: 0303-3442-0416  |  Tourism Business Certificate of Registration: 2023-15호  |  Mail order number: 2023-제주오라-0040

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