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Following our parents who have been in the travel business for 30 years, we are a corporate travel agency that contributes to the development of tourism in Jeju Island, and based on our know-how of many individual customers, corporate training, and government organizations.

We offer joyful trip to Jeju Island without any additional charges such as Vehicle rental fee, foreign language speaking driver fee, parking fee, fuel fee, insurance fee, tour guide and tour arrangement fee, and others.

We strive to create unique and personalized travel experiences for visit to domestic government offices, corporate training programs, family trips, and trips with relatives.


Based on the changing trends in travel, we offer new ways of exploring Jeju Island, such as Jeju food tours, hidden scenic tours, and film location tours.


Our goal is to provide enjoyable and distinct individualized journeys, ensuring that you can fully enjoy your travel experience with us.

Why you book with JOY TOUR?

A reliable travel agency with a legacy of two generations


Experienced drivers with exceptional driving skills


A company that builds satisfaction based on real reviews


Explore Jeju Island with 15years and more experienced Professional Veteran Chinese and English licensed local tour guide

Specialized in Customized Individual Travel
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We have created the logo for JOY Tours, incorporating a symbol that represents a free and enjoyable Jeju Island trip for both foreign travelers and domestic customers, along with the initial of the CEO as a mutual reference.

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JOY TOUR  Inc.   |  CEO. Jeong On Yu 
사업자번호. 488-86-02880 

TEL. +82 64-712-0416 , +82 10-8660-0030 
E-mail. jejujoytour@naver.com
ADD. 79 Yeongsa road, Jeju City, Korea
FAX: 0303-3442-0416 
Tourism Business Certificate of Registration: 2023-15호
Mail order number: 2023-제주오라-0040

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JOY TOUR  Inc.  |  CEO. Jeong On Yu  |  Business Number. 488-86-02880 

TEL. +82 64-712-0416, +82-10-8660-0030 |  E-mail. jejujoytour@naver.com  |  ADD. 79 Yeongsa road, Jeju City, Korea

FAX: 0303-3442-0416  |  Tourism Business Certificate of Registration: 2023-15호  |  Mail order number: 2023-제주오라-0040

Copyright ⓒ JOY TOUR  Inc.|Designed and Hosting by 보구정제주